I seriously have written 3 blog posts today but I really wasn’t feeling any of them. I love writing but I need to FEEL something strongly about it when I write. My last client of the day was in the evening and it came to me. We had a discussion on love and fear and the chasm between that leap from one to the other. How far is that jump for you right now?

Sometimes that gap is HUGE. It can be so big that we don’t even contemplate jumping or even nudging a step in that direction. But there needs to be a step. It’s always going to be scary, doing something new, releasing old stories, old patterns and behaviors. Going down a new path. No matter how far the jump is, it’ll always be scary.

But what if we could trust? What if trust was our lesson? I’ve been learning this one for a long while now and I’m finding it scarier and scarier (more scary?) than ever before as I embark on new and exciting things. But the voice of love is so loud lately. That voice of fear has gotten kinda lame. I’m sick of hearing it. I’m sick of feeling scared and really how can I give any more of myself to fear now? How long have I been giving into my fear? (Too long!)

Ask yourself these questions. If you’ve been wanting to make the switch to a loving, trusting place then it starts with trusting that voice. The one that believes in you. The one that doesn’t compare ourselves to others but recognizes our own worth and powerful sense of authenticity. The voice of love.

The Chasm Between Love and Fear
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Here are a few steps you can take to make the jump a little easier.

  • Deconstruct your fear – what is it really about and is it true? I bet the answer is no!
  • What belief do I have that I’m holding on to?
  • Change your thoughts on the matter. Choose a new belief!
  • Make a small step forward or a big one, just don’t look down – face in the direction of your impact! Who will you help or serve by making this leap?
  • Listen to the voice of love, the one that believes in you. What does it say about your fear? Probably that it’s lying to you!


That chasm can seem big. Such a huge leap, that you may not succeed in reaching the other side. But I promise you will as long as you try. The tough part is to trust in the process. Where your heart pulls you to, is where you need to be.

At the end of the day, if you’re still choosing fear…. how has that been working out for you? If you’re not happy, feeling unfulfilled, it’s time to do something about it. What lies between the great chasm of love and fear is TRUST.

Love more, trust more and fear less. You’re supported on this journey whether you know it or not.

Sending you big love,

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