I started doing 10 days of impact and today is day 6! Today I feel it’s important to talk about old stories and the limiting beliefs we’ve created because of them. Why is it that we just can’t seem to break through? It’s important to realize the beat of the drum you’ve been banging on!

I had this story that I was done wrong by so many people. That I had to struggle to get to everywhere I wanted. That I could only rely on myself, no one else and that you can only become successful with blood, sweat, and tears. Sound familiar?

I started out my adult life on my own at 17. I grew up pretty shielded from real life in many aspects, as growing up in a strict east Indian (Indo-Fijian) home, meant learning to cook when my friends were at the mall and studying my little tush off to please others. I grew up with this idea that I had to work super hard to receive love and support. That belief carried on throughout my life, especially when I got into network marketing.

I found that unless I worked my tail off and had no life, then I wasn’t deemed successful or a “hustler”. I got no love from my top team leaders unless I hit targets and quotas. It wasn’t a happy time for me, although I hit a level of success that changed my life.

Thank God for the earth angels in my life that showed me it didn’t have to be this way. I realized this story didn’t have to rule my life and there was truly another way. But there are no changing paths unless you’re willing to take a good, honest look at what beliefs you’ve been rooted in.


Here are a few tips that will help you to release those stories that are holding you back.


Get honest with yourself and recognize!

Let’s be real here. Sometimes we don’t even know what story we are clinging to, and if we do, we don’t want to admit it. ]Be honest, what do you truly believe about your path to success? Why can’t you have what you want? What’s in the way? Answer those questions truthfully and from your heart and you may be shocked to see what they really are.

Sometimes we don't even know what story we are clinging to, and if we do, we don't want to admit it. Click To Tweet
Make a list of every limiting belief you have. – the red pen technique!

This list may be cringe-worthy, but it’s time you fess up to what’s going on. One of my good friends and coaches, Andee Love taught me this awesome tool for re-wiring your mind/belief system in regards to this limiting belief pattern. She had me write out a list of all the limiting beliefs I had in pencil, then in red pen only, (adjacent) I wrote out my new empowered belief (which is often the opposite of the limiting one). I said each new affirmation out loud and then erased the pencil side and was only left with the red pen. It somehow canceled out my previous thoughts on how things had to be. What a cool exercise! Try it and see how it works for you.

Open yourself up to a new way of thinking.

Now this story you’ve been living in hasn’t served you right. It’s time to be open to a new way. What if it didn’t have to be this hard? What if there didn’t have to be any struggle involved only growth? Growth is scary, as we develop on our growing edge but it’s doesn’t have to be hard. What if your business and life could be happy, joyful and fun? What if you got to choose the core feelings you want in your business every day? When I came to terms with this concept, it blew my mind. When I saw others succeeding in this way, I knew it was possible. There is a better way, you just have to be willing to be open to it.

Design your new life.

I look at my kids and realize that there’s no time like that present because they’re only this age once. It’s a reminder that every day, in fact, every moment is a chance to make things anew. So write out what you want. Write out your thoughts, dreams and ideal lifestyle when it comes to reaching your goals Lady Boss. Find your alignment and stop waiting for success to magically show up. This is your time to make WHATEVER you want to come to fruition, and the good news is that you are limitless in your ability to achieve it.


How to release old stories that no longer serve you.
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It’s time to release those old stories Boss Babe, so let me know what you’ve decided to shed and go step into your light…it’s where you’re meant to be.

Empowering you always,

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