Professionally, I started out in the wellness industry and owned and operated several small businesses that kept me on my hustle game 6 days a week! I certainly had the hustle down pat. Thing is, it only took me so far. I knew there had to be more. There were too many variables that had the power to make or break those businesses so I was always looking for more. To increase my income streams and start working smarter. I’d heard of this concept but didn’t truly learn it until much later! I started into the network marketing field 10 years ago and I remember seeing this for the first time and thinking – I can hustle this! So the hustle turned up a notch and soon I found myself making lots of money, earning cars and free trips but feeling so much anxiety and stress that I wondered if it all was worth it. I needed to find a way to expand and use my gifts. I knew they were there and I was meant for more, so I kept those feelers out there and found it. Today, as a Business Catalyst Coach for Boss Babes, I find myself in more ease and flow than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Making more money than I’ve ever experienced but moreover, I’m making the IMPACT that I’ve been searching for my entire life.


Here’s some fun facts about me, I bet you couldn’t have guessed!

  • My heritage is East Indian and my parents were born in the Fiji Islands! Why they ever left is a mystery to me…..
  • I love reading. I am most likely reading 2-3 different books at a time….. not at the same time!
  • I love sewing, knitting scarves and crocheting blankets just for fun…. why yes… I’m super nerdy.
  • I’m addicted to makeup. I have too many lipsticks, glosses and Kylie lip kits to count. It’s an obsession!
  • I’d rather have a dream home than a dream car. But in my perfect world, I have both!
  • I was a Bollywood dancer (professionally!) complete with the outfits and lavish jewellery!

The story that changed the course of my life.

So here it is, the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve always been a dreamer and knew I was meant for more but things got worse before they got better.

As a kid I wanted for nothing. I remember Christmases full of gifts, Easters full of chocolate and bunnies (oddly enough I grew up Hindu!) and birthdays were a special day we got pampered with extra love. I had it good in a middle class Indo-Fijian family. But as we know, life isn’t always a bowl of cherries.  When my parents split at the age of 16, it rocked my world sideways. I had no idea there was a dark cloud over my parents marriage.  I had no idea there were issues of mental instability, anger, and abuse.  I had no idea my mother had been hiding things.  Somehow it all came out in a rush like water released from a damn. My father turned out to be someone else and my mother was slowly turning into what would seem, her true self.  I admired her for that.

Within a year, my mother had found it safer to live out of the country and I had ended up on my own based on circumstances outside of my control. It was just how the cookie crumbled.  I was on my own at 17, still in high school without parents or guidance. How could I not believe in angels guiding me? They truly did, throughout my life. I went on to graduate from high school and put myself through college when I became a registered massage therapist. I ran my practice for 17 years, including pilates and nutritional counseling. I had managed to buy 2 homes and a car by the age of 26 and went on to succeed as I worked hard. I was grateful for that.

I met my amazing husband and life starting looking great! Unfortunately though, my business took a turn for the worse and I started to spin into financial ruin. Those early years of marriage and child-rearing were perhaps some of the most trying times in my life. I felt like things just couldn’t get any worse and I couldn’t see a way that they could get any better. We budgeted every dollar we had. Somedays I didn’t know how we were going to get by. But I continued to have faith and knew something would come together.

I had started an online business and found myself wanting more and more. I was never content with my success.  I just couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t happening. I went to every training, every event and still couldn’t break through to the next level. It was then that I found my life coach at an event I hosted at a gym. Her guidance truly saved me. I was introduced to the concept that breaking through to the next level meant dealing with yourself on every level. Breaking through your story of blame, of pity and of self-doubt. Learning that I was so stuck in my limiting beliefs that I couldn’t see past them.

I saw Anita for a few years and that coaching process has been priceless to me. I started to succeed in my life in ways I never thought possible! My marriage was better, I communicated better, I was earning more money (so much that I retired from my clinic and stayed at home to work). I was meeting my best version of myself and I was liking it. I’m forever learning more and will not stop that process of self growth. It has brought me to the place where I now stand as an Intuitive Life and Business Coach to give back to other women in need of this enlightenment.  I stand to empower women to embrace their stories, to step into their greatness despite their fears and inadequacies. I’ve been through my own struggles in life, watched my mother restart her life over at 51 because of it. She found her strength and forever inspires me to never give up. She smiled big and hold her head high until her last day on earth.

The women in my family and tribe rise up. We as women, have that strength within us, we just need another woman to remind us of it. If you need to hear it, I’m reminding you now.

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# of countries I've travelled to

# of cookies I can eat on my own


% of time I fail to get to the gym

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