Shopping for Father’s Day gifts can be the worst.

I mean, you love your Dad or your husband (ideally both) and know they deserve the best to honour them. They need to relax, they need to de-stress, declutter their brain from a stressful workday.  Ideally amazing food, good drink, (my husband’s advice would be men want sex on the regular – but I can’t write that because you don’t want to BUY that for your husband OR your DAD……ewwww!). There’s so much men need, but when it comes to gift giving it’s kinda lame-O isn’t it?

How many ties, socks, or sports paraphernalia can they have?  Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass?  I think everybody has already bought it (at some point) for their Dad…..and he either laughed and loved it or hated it. Regardless, it’s in a box in the basement for sure.  And just in case you really want to give a singing fish on a plaque to Dad (because you missed it when it was hot) you can grab the Big Mouth Billy Bass Anniversary Edition !

It got me thinking, you know there’s things Dads want, but they just don’t know it yet…..So here’s my top 10 list.

Top 10 Father’s Day gifts Dads want, but won’t tell you. 


1. A Man Purse

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I mean if Jerry Seinfeld can wear one then why not right? I mean Dads have so much  to carry around (keys, swiss knife, wallet, day planner, pen, receipts, random miscellaneous stuff) I mean where are they supposed to put it all? IN THEIR POCKETS??? Insane. No more pocket protectors either.  Here’s the manliest man purses I could find. And if your Dad/hubs won’t concede to one, then a cool satchel would be ideal too! 




2. A pedicure.

I bet you ten bucks your husbands feet or GUARANTEED your Dad’s feet are not pretty, lets leave it at that. I mean, I can certainly vouch for this, having been a massage therapist for over 17 years….. I have seen ALOT of male feet and on occasion, have wanted to gag when I’ve seen what’s going on in that department. Men….need….pedicures. Here’s a cool place they can get MAN-pedis without feeling like they’re out numbered.  Bodespa In Toronto is perfect! I’d check out the “Sock Destroyer” or “Foot Fix”. Finally a place for guys!


3. Good quality grooming products.

No more of this Old Spice (even though they’ve tried to make it cool with those commercials and new scents), Nivea shave or Gillette Foamy. This drugstore nonsense is chockfull of chemicals and cheap ingredients. A grown man needs quality.  I’ve got my husband into the Modere line. Super green and clean!  It’s all chemical free, cruelty free, it’s even made in a BPA free bottle and the products are made in house in a Windpowered FDA approved facility! You can’t get more green than that! From reviews and hubby’s personal use, Moderes stuff not only is good for you, good for the environment but actually works great for the face, body and hair. They’ve got a few awesome collections for Men here. Use my referral code 465889 to get $10 off your first order too!


4. Poo smell eliminator.

Why are men always leaving a bathroom in a stink? OMG. The smell. I mean, we’re all human….I can attest to not having control over these things…..but when there’s company over, YOU KNOW they’ll be using that bathroom right after you.  Imagine you could spray something in the toilet first and it would eliminate the poo smell? Yep, you guessed it. Poo Pourri. And it’s chemical free as well! 



5. A landscape and snow removal service.

I don’t know about your household, but mowing the lawn or shovelling the drive way has always been the man’s job. In my household anyway, and it does certainly suck.  I mean, I’ve shovelled snow once or twice and it was so HEAVY. Why not have someone else do it? How about paying for a seasons worth of grass cutting or snow removal? Wouldn’t that be awesome? My husband would legit say “oh, I wouldn’t pay for that, I can do it myself” but then, when it’s a blizzard or effing hot outside he’d much rather be on the patio drinking a cold one instead of slaving away right? Best….Father’s Day gift….ever. Here’s one in Toronto if you’re local.


6. The perfect couch pillow.

Why do Dad’s always fall asleep on the couch? And what shape is their neck come morning?

How about a couch pillow that doubles as an adjustable sleeping pillow. Problem solved, you’re welcome. Check out the Two piece Flip!





7.  Surprise car detailing.

For the scrupulous car Dad, having a clean car sans food crumbs is kind of the holy grail of Dad-mobiles. If you’re a Dad, then at some point your car has been used as a garbage bin. If you’re a car buff or just a clean freak then a food encrusted back seat is enough to make you use a perfectly sunny Saturday morning to clean your car (when you could be doing a million other cool things). You have to admit, theres nothing better than having your car cleaned for you. Pay for a car detailing service to come to your home and do it all in your driveway! Then Dad wakes up Saturday morning and BOOM cars clean, AND you get to do so many other fun things instead! No crumbs, no muck, nothing. Until next time of course hehe. 


8. A Track Day Experience.

A safe environment thrill! My husband is a serious speed freak. We’ve always tried to make sure his car is peppy but not too fast because well…..speeding tickets.  Just imagine Dad’s delight in being able to drive his favourite sports car on an actual race track!

Sometimes when Dad has everything, it’s about the experience!  I bet that sibling of yours (that always gets the coolest gifts) hasn’t even thought of this one. Track Day Experience, even sounds cool.


9. Mens Lip Balm.

Ok I’ve been giving you some biggies so far, but don’t get put off when I say lip balm. Chapstick for men.

It’s one of those things, no one likes dry, wind burned lips. Yes it sounds girly, but like feet those lips need attention too, (only they can’t be covered with socks). They’re right out there for everyone to see! And guess what? There’s actual lip balms for men that aren’t shiny either! Check these out! He may not know he needs it but he won’t go without it now, especially if it gives him more reason to get kisses!


10. Monthly razor subscription.

I wish i had thought of this. Being the entrepreneurial type that I am,

I was like “dang it” when I saw that theres an actual company that sends you razors on the regular! Like a monthly subscription to shave! I have to say, the Dollar Shave Club is about the coolest thing ever. Check out this hilarious video on their site haha! I wanted to join just because of it!

So guess what? I did! Here’s my referral link for razors sent to your door for cheap! 




So I hope these wild and crazy, unconventional ideas started up the floodgates to some serious Fathers Day gift inspo! Let me know in the comments if you chose one or two of them or if you thought of something even better!


To being awesome, every Father’s Day.

Michelle xo 




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