*May Cause Miracles.

Give into the miracle minded shifts that can happen for you right now!

A 6 week, 40 day guided course to create radical change, happiness and miracles manifesting into your life right away. This course will transform your life in ways you may never have thought possible.

Is this you?

  • Feeling stuck in life and in business
  • Can’t seem to find true happiness
  • You’re ready to create massive positive change
  • You want to learn how to manifest your deepest desires
  • You’re ready for miracles!

New York Times
Best-Selling Book

This 6-week journey is based on Gabrielle Bernstein’s New York Times best-selling book, May Cause Miracles.

Live Coaching Calls

Each week we will have a live coaching call discussing each week’s shifts, miracles, and teachings. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, share your weekly transformations, and learn how you can deepen your journey.  You will also have access to our VIP group where the daily guidance, affirmations and support community will keep you accountable and having fun!

Week 1 Kick off – Jan 7 /18                         Week 4 – Jan 28/18

Week 2 – Jan 14 /18                                     Week 5 – Feb 4 /18

Week 3 – Jan 21/18                                      Week 6 – Feb 11/18

Action steps in this course:

  • Read the book May Cause Miracles (book not included )and follow the daily affirmations and guidance.
  • Attend the group coaching call in person or recorded version (all done online)
  • Check in with your progress regularly in the VIP community group and grow together!
Michelle Tegola

Michelle Tegola

Certified by Gabrielle Bernstein

Michelle is certified and trained by Gabrielle Bernstein herself to teach the May Cause Miracles principles and is a level 1 and 2 graduate of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Here’s the course breakdown week to week:

Week 1 - Becoming Miracle Minded

This week will start you off with the biggest thing blocking your success. Fear. See you how fear has got you stuck and experience the key principles to eradicate it.  Witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness, and miracles. This week will create the foundation for the next 5 weeks of the course.

Week 2 - A New Self Perception

It’s time to learn about self-love.  You will learn ways to create a strong relationship with yourself and find ways to release old habits and behaviors of self-sabotage and attack. You’ll have no need to compare yourself to others and truly accept that you are good enough.

Week 3 - Body Image

When we uncover our true fears we find how the connection to food and our body become distorted out of love. Set your mind free of emotional eating and find love for the body you have now and step into your confidence.

Week 4 - Relationships

Harbouring fear can hold you back from true romantic bliss. Whether you’re single or attached, its time to bring the fun back into your relationships and learn powerful tools to experience immediate inner shifts around romance and love.

Weel 5 - Raise Your Self Worth, Raise Your Net Worth

I will guide you through the process to increase your financial abundance! It all starts with gratitude. Learn how fear has blocked your finances and shift your limiting beliefs around money and work.

Week 6 - Working Miracles

It’s time to become a miracle worker and shine your light in the world! This week focuses on your power to create a huge shift and energetic change. Your transformation leads into your purpose in this world and how that energy serves not only you but the masses.

What’s included in this
6-week transformation:

  • 6 weekly live group coaching calls (all calls are recorded)
  • VIP Facebook community for support
  • Daily guidance with affirmations
  • Weekly recap via email
  • shareable social media badges for daily insight

2 Bonuses when you sign up today!

Bonus #1 – 2 FREE coaching calls to set you up for manifesting miracles right away! Learn how to meditate like a boss and how to get the most out of the course right now. (Value $300)

Bonus #2 – A FREE Angel Card Reading! Recieve the messages meant for you from your angels. Gain clarity and direction on your life purpose and current challenges. You’ll recieve a recording as well as a picture of your card reading spread. (Value $75)

Sign up today and start creating miracles!

Plus 2 free coaching calls (value $300) to set you up creating miracles right away! Don’t miss out!

*Course date starts Jan 7/18 – so these calls will be HUGE for getting a head start!

  • Call 1 Dec 11/17 – Learn how to meditate like a BOSS and drop into your zone as soon as you close your eyes.
  • Call 2 Dec 18/17 – Create a Miracle lifestyle and set yourself up to get the most out of the course and have an amazing 2018!

PLUS a FREE Angel Card reading! (Value $75) Find clarity in your life right now and receive a recording and picture of your card spread!

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About Michelle

Michelle is a mother of 3 littles, a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Coach and emotional wellness advocate.

Her purpose is to empower women to step into their greatness by owning their stories and finding their light. To help those that are not able to help themselves, see their true potential and find what drives them.

She has been working with many aspiring and successful entrepreneurs for years and has truly found her passion for coaching and mentoring women to meet their higher selves.

Michelle’s background of over 17 years in the wellness industry (massage therapy, rehab, pilates, and nutrition counseling) and learning meditation from a young age has lent much of her passion to this path.

Her business experience, having owned and operated several successful businesses, has also created an amazing mix of business success strategies and spiritual connectedness for the modern woman and mother.

Her specific modalities include being intuitive, connecting with clients guides and angels, angel card readings, reiki and crystal healing.

“This course has been such a healing and transformative experience! I’ve been able to recognize the miracles in my life and they’ve been abundant since doing this course! Just 15 minutes a day will completely change who you are and who you will become.”

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