When you own your own business, particularly within your own personal brand it can be tough sometimes to articulate exactly what it is that you do. But it’s so important to get it down pat and get that pitch right. If you don’t people will dismiss you, or worse even think that you have no idea what you do!

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded ” what do you do for a living?” question! I remember being in network marketing and wanting to craft the perfect weirdo answer! Sometimes it was, ” I help people to create financial freedom!” … that one was full-on cringe-worthy. Or ” I’m in network marketing and help people to start their own businesses online” that one wasn’t too bad until they asked what type of business it was. The rest usually involved me really getting into way more than I should of and making them think I ran a cult of some sort… which probably came from my super smiley appearance and too happy for life vibe.

I’ve tried so many things until I finally got clear with what it was that I was doing. I needed to be doing something more aligned with who I really was. WIth a purpose that I was linked to more deeply, whose mission was more about my purpose and vision than the company I was with.

So here’s the deal. If you want to nail that dreaded question and slam dunk your 20-second elevator speech, it has to be truly authentic and you have to believe with full confidence in what you’re saying.

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Here are some tips to get it right the first time!

1. Be clear on what your message is.

This is everything! If you have no idea what your message to the masses is, it will be difficult to convey it to one person. So, what do you intend to do with your service or product offering? How will it impact others in a positive way? What problem are you solving with what you have? Get clear with your message and your pitch will flow.

2. Who do you want to help? Target Market.

This is a big one! If you aren’t specific enough on who you will help and why they need you then the message and “what you do” gets too vague. If it’s too vague then not only do you not have clarity and intention but people won’t even know how to refer people to you. Target market clarity is huge.

3. What is your unique offering?

How do you do what you do in your own way? Taking into account your own innate skills, gifts and talents, take what you do for others and put that into a sentence. It must be your unique way, your authentic vibe about what you do. This brings a sense of standing out from the crowd, which is what we always want.

4. Sometimes you gotta let it flow.

So you get clear with the above 3 points and have your pitch down pat, you say it in the mirror ten times fast and realize that you’re ready to go! Then the dreaded question comes and it just doesn’t feel right to say it like you practiced! What the heck right? Don’t stress! Just let it flow. For me, it comes out differently at times based on who I’m talking to, whether they would understand what I had to say or even care! I just flow with it but keep my message in my forefront always.

So there you have it. A few tips to help you get clear with that ‘lil pitch. Maybe the thing is, don’t think of it as a pitch. Think of it as spreading your message of impact. How you plan to change the world one person at a time.

Keep it simple and just be you. You can’t go wrong there sister!

Keep shining that bright light 😉

In love and light always,

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