This word ‘influencer’ has become a sought-after title online. I’ve seen people calling themselves an influencer, helping others build their social media platforms, branding, etc but find that many have terrible platforms themselves. I just don’t get it. And I think the problem is that they don’t either.

Everyone wants to know the how and the what, but with things changing on fast-growing platforms like Instagram, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get on top of things called “algorithms” (said with Dr.Evil like air quotes and voice).

So what do we do then? How do we build influencer status on platforms like Instagram? First off, why do we want to build on Instagram anyway? Because based on stats, Instagram is the highest converting social media platform for business yet. And it’s continuing to grow at a rapid speed.

So with Instagram stars garnering so much attention and clout, it’s become the new commercial that everyone is watching 24/7…. makes sense for brands to align themselves with the right people.

If you are a business or personal brand, treat your account as such and take the time to understand what’s needed to grow your account the right way.  See, I used to build my Instagram like I did on Facebook and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t gaining traction! Well, on Insta, people don’t engage the same way they do on Facebook and this is so important to take this into account. It’s about building repore, a feel, and vibe that people can relate to. No matter what you do, you have to brand yourself.

So how to do you position and brand yourself to become an influencer on Insta?

How to become an influencer on Instagram.
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Here are 4 big things you need to take into account.

1. Content.

What is it that you should be posting? Your content should be ideal for your brand, message, and energy. People should be able to look through your feed and know what you’re about without reading your bio. Your content should be a perfect reflection of your brand, message, and vibe that you’re intending to put across.

2. Branding.

Knowing your branding is tantamount to knowing the rest! What is your brand’s message? What are the colors, fonts, look and feel that your target audience will resonate with?  As it’s a visual platform, your branding brings to life your message.  Get clear on your branding and the rest will flow.

3. Growth.

You need a strategy to grow your account. Engaging with others is the easiest way to grow your account as well as posting amazing content and branding. The first 2 points are essential to a solid growth strategy. Including things like contests, boosting ideal posts and brand awareness campaigns are all part of a good growth strategy. There are so many things that come into play here but the most important thing is that you provide value to your followers, giving them a reason to follow you.

4. Action plan.

You can have it all, a beautiful page, content and a growth strategy but if you don’t actually DO anything….there’s no point! It can all be so overwhelming so putting together an action plan as well as a content calendar is essential. This will propel your process and make sure it all happens within your vision. Have an action plan and stick to it!

These 4 points are essential to developing a kick-ass Instagram account and will build you to Influencer status in no time with the right methods.

But Influencers have to have clout right? How do we build that?

We build our accounts with intention. Serve others and provide value to them. This comes first before anything. As you develop your following through this process, people engage more, trust more and then eventually buy more. When they get to the last process, you’ve become someone of influence.  Let your audience know what to expect from you.  Then they’ll keep coming back for more! Hit 10k in followers and you’re a micro-influencer!

I hope this helped you to get clear on what it takes to build an account the right way as a business owner on Instagram!

If you ever have any questions or would like to know more about how to get help in this area and have our social media and creative team come up with a strategy for you, we would be happy to help! Fill out the application and we will have someone get back to you within 24-48 hours. Access the application HERE.

Here’s to becoming an influencer!

With love and light,

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