Finding your Greatness Within.

5 Tips to stepping into your Greatness.


My first blog post!

This is my final bit to finishing this awesome we

Finding Greatness Within. 5 tips to stepping into your greatness.
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bsite content and I can’t even tell you how fulfilling it’s been. Honestly, so far all the content that’s here is truly me embracing MY OWN story all the way and really feeling like I’ve finally found my light and my greatness.

You see, stepping into your greatness doesn’t have to be speaking on stage or writing a book or even creating a brand or website. It’s all about finding your truth, a path that lights you up and creates a bigger purpose. That one thing you’ve been searching for your entire life. Your purpose.




Perhaps you’ve been creating your purpose for a while now.

Maybe it doesn’t feel awesome at all. Maybe it’s been painful, sorrowful, maybe you wish this time in your life would just skip over onto the good parts you just know are coming. Yes dear, they’re coming but I remember Anita (my life coach) saying once… can’t appreciate the sweet without knowing the sour ….the good times without knowing the bad times.

When you’ve been through the wringer, the other side brings a feeling of gratitude. For example; you’ve been broke all your life, and now you’re not…. you sure do appreciate the value of a dollar, or a nice night out, the ability to shop without looking at the price tag (that was always my standard for finally “making it” in life!) or just using your credit/debit card without worrying if you’ll have enough money to stop it from being DECLINED.

Has that ever happened to you? Yikes! The feeling of intense sweating, blushing, stress and a slight detour to Loserville. Hey, could’ve easily been a mistake, you used the wrong account or card (the one with no money in it?!), maybe someone stole your funds! I would tel myself “this happens all the time!”.

Or maybe you were just like me and you didn’t even check your account for fear of looking at the balance and having to be responsible. Thats where I was at one time in my life. I blamed others for taking away my power when it was me that gave it away in the first place. Those were tough lessons to learn…man…. that was a tough time in my life. But being broke will either break you or make you. Sink or Swim, (shameless book plug !)  you get to choose.

So the point of that rant is; have you learned some tough lessons or are you still living them? The empowering thing is you get to step out of it and CHOOSE.




Here’s my 5 tips for Stepping into your Greatness and Finding your Purpose



1. What are 3 major life events that have molded you as a person? Some things you can’t come out of without being a totally different person. Sometimes it’s not a better person either and thats ok. Write down those 3 things ( if you can narrow it down to only 3!).

2. What do those 3 things have in common? What is the underlying denomination? Is there a message that all of these things tie to?

3. What have you learned from these events in your life? If you can’t say what you’ve learned but can only talk about the pain, then you’re not past it yet…. again that ok too! This one could be your biggie!

4. What does this lesson mean about you? How does it relate to who you’ve become? Good and bad.

5, What do you think would inspire others from your story? How you can inspire others is where you create something bigger than yourself. And when you create something bigger than yourself that impacts others in a positive way….. you’ve found a purpose. Life is always changing and we’re always learning so it may change as you change. Change is always good!


Action step – Write your story in a light where you’ve learned and have gratitude towards it.  Each time you write this, I bet the story sounds better and better.

Find your greatness, your purpose in your flaws, your pain, your story….in who you truly are. Because you’re not defined by your circumstances, you’re defined by how you react to them. BE MORE.


Here’s to believing in you,

Finding Greatness Within. 5 tips to stepping into your greatness.
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Michelle xo

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