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Have you ever felt a need to go bigger? To do more? To be more? Perhaps there have been signs showing you what to do and how, but there never seems to be a good time to go forth. Fear can do that to a gal.

Fear keeps us playing small and keeps us feeling stuck. Do you find yourself constantly saying that you’re stuck? Do you realize the power of your words? When you keep that story running around in your mind, you affirm it every time! Let’s bust fear from getting in the way for good!


6 tips to stop fear from getting in the way:


1. Recognize your gifts and ideas as divine guidance!

Don’t squander your gifts, because it was brought to you to DO something about it! How special is that? To YOU, because you are recognized as capable. So if your angels, guides, and your creator knew you could do it, then what’s stopping you?

2. Know when to move forward.

When you get that push in your heart to do that thing, to step up and speak your truth, just do it! You know that longing to really make something big happen. When it pulls at your heartstrings, make a move because it’s a wink from the universe that you’re ready.

3. Dream BIG – like I mean, super duper big.

Dream up astronomically big things that even you think aren’t possible! Let yourself daydream for 10 minutes every day.  Imagine your life the way it could be if you just made that one step. Where would you be, what would you be doing if you started in the direction of your dreams?

4. Ego feeds on fear.

Ego wins every time your dreams take the back seat.  It’s a constant fight between your higher self and your fear/ego. Who is running the show for you currently? Can you allow yourself to trust in the light? The dark side has you under its spell, but the force is strong in you! Make a proactive choice to say no and choose again from moment to moment.

5. It’s not about you.

We get so caught up in our fears, that we forget about the bigger picture. When we are truly functioning in our zone of genius, it’s all about love, flow, and true purpose. It’s about who we can serve and impact in this world. When we stay playing small, we do a serious disservice to those that need our light. You have a bright light within you, and people need it badly. It’s not about you and your fears, don’t let them rob you of your true calling. Your calling brings major value to those around you, impacts them in a way that is so needed, and when you can get out of your own way – that’s when the miracles flow in. It’s not about you, it’s about who you can help.

6. Know the benefit of staying stuck.

I know that may seem odd to say, but believe it or not, there is a benefit that you have found (consciously or not) in staying within your comfort zone. When you complain more, are you heard more? Do people listen to you more when they can relate to your sob story? Do you get more attention that way? You are finding a benefit to staying stuck my friend! Get real with yourself and find out what the possible benefit has been to you in playing small. Stare the truth in the face and you’re one step further.

These tips don’t come from a vivid imagination, they come from personal experience. I played small for so long in my life. I played this story in my head and lived there unfulfilled for a long time. I looked and looked for a new way, the secret sauce when the truth was,  I had it within me all along. You have greatness in you! You know it and it’s time you face it and trust in your purpose. Today, find one thing you can do in order to move ahead further than you were yesterday.

Keep going, once you make the decision to start playing BIG, you expect BIG. Miracles are on their way when you expect them 😉

Wishing you a week of stepping further into your greatness,

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