Angel Intuitive Card Readings

Have you ever wondered about the concept of spiritual beings like angels and guides? If they really exist? I”m here to say they do! And they want to help you and guide you through life in everything you do. We find life to be challenging in many situations and tend to feel alone in our problems. Your angels can’t help unless you ask! I’m clairsentient, which means I have a strong gift of being able to feel the energy of angels, guides and those that have passed away and am able to channel what they have to say to you! Angel card readings are always positive. You don’t have to worry that there will be bad news or something foreboding said. All messages are helpful to you and will guide you to a higher state of being with more clarity. What’s to expect in a reading: All readings are done via Zoom and you’ll get to choose your cards, I’ll show them to you as they are revealed and will intuitively receive the messages for you from each card. You can choose whether to receive guidance on a certain issue or question you may have or also just hear what your angels want you to know. I will ask you questions throughout the reading to gauge whether it is resonating with you and get more of a feel for a certain issue. What you will receive: A recording of the session will be emailed to you along with a synopsis of your intuitive reading and instructions on how to follow through with the guidance. You’ll also receive a picture of the cards and the spread that we used. You’ll always have access to it and can go back and listen and make notes if you feel the need. As an intuitive life and business coach, I can also guide you to take action in a more aligned way for your business or a particular situation in your life. I offer a special session that includes 3 cards read for a specific situation you need healing on and dealt with. This is highly beneficial to those that need clarity and direction on an issue and want to move past it quickly.   I look forward to doing a reading for you!  

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