If you’re a total boss babe, you know how absolutely borderline obsessed you can be about your business! You think about it all the time, have intuitive downloads and inspiration at 4am and can’t seem to leave the whole thing alone! You’ve found your passion and now you’re running with it! Only thing is you can’t seem to balance life, kids, your marriage and anything else for that matter. Now you’ve been feeling burnt out and know this can’t last. I feel ya, lady boss… been there.

I’ve heard some leaders say, there’s no such thing as balance and others say that it’s tantamount to your success and happiness in life. I’d go with the leader that seems to be happy and have time to spend on the rest of her life – and want to. I remember when my third child was born, I was working it so hard that now when I look back on those tender moments, the energy I remember was the hustle and grind. I do believe being present in your life creates more happiness and truly a more efficient business strategy.

8 tips to balance work/life for the Boss Babe.
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Here’s my 8 tips to creating some balance in the life of a boss babe.


1. Get real with what is important to you and schedule it in. 

Sometimes, we find ourselves with a million things on our plate but not taking the time to sift through what is really important to us. Our time is the biggest commodity, so make sure you’re making time for the really big stuff and not clogging it up with a bunch of little things that aren’t making an impact on your big picture.  Know what’s important to you and make it a priority. The big things get scheduled into your calendar and are non-negotiable.

2. Book in scheduled time for your biz on regular hours and know what you’ll be working on in that time frame.

When you have this time booked for you, as well as important tasks in your business, you won’t be thinking about all the things you need to do, or what you could be getting done while you’re trying to spend quality time with your friends or family. Book in a set schedule and stick to it.

3. Schedule in almost as much work time as fun time.

When you are an entrepreneur 80% (if not higher) is all about your energy towards your business. If you feel overworked and always tired, you bring the wrong version of you to your biz. When you have incorporated some serious fun into the schedule, you feel refreshed and revitalized! Ready to rock your offerings out of the park!

4. Schedule non-negotiable quality time with each person you’d like to spend more time with.

I constantly struggle with this one, so I had decided that certain nights are for my husband and I, certain afternoons or evenings for each kid. Now I know that may sound like a pipedream, but sometimes it can include errands here and there too. Kids really want that time with their parent that allows them to feel needed and special. Even if it’s helping with grocery shopping or taking an hour off to go to the library. It’s something that you take time for every week with that person and it sure makes a difference.

5. Manage your technology.

Set your social media calendar up and schedule your posts. There are so many things to keep on top of in a business and in life, so the last thing you want to do is be stuck on social media instead of doing income generating activities. Once I get onto social media I can waste so…much..time. Figure out what you’d like to post on a regular basis, like inspirational quotes relevant to your branding, pics, etc. This will be one thing you won’t have to worry about at least, and if you want to post random things throughout the week you can add to whatever has already been posted for you. Also turn off notifications while you’re working so that you can keep on task. Know that you don’t have to answer every message and email right away. Have a time set for that, and outside of that time, don’t check it!

6. Take your self-care seriously and schedule it in daily.

I know you’ve heard it before but what if I tell you that it actually creates more income, clients, and offerings that were meant to be in your biz? Yes! It’s true. I spent 20 years grinding it out, hustling my tushie off and had zero balance. It was terrible because the more I worked on my biz, the less fulfilled I felt and the less I saw improvement in my biz. When I take care of myself, and I mean take it seriously, I see a spike in my business! How could that be? When your energy is aligned, you can co-create miracles! And I mean make anything possible. Meditation, salt baths, yoga and/or working out for me is a necessity  ,not a luxury.

7. Allow yourself flexibility when you need it.

This doesn’t mean if things don’t work out for you today then throw them out the window. You schedule in as much as you can, but have a weekly list of things you need to do in all areas of your life. If a date night with your first born doesn’t happen then flow it to the next day or at some point that week. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly as planned. As much as scheduling things are important, it’s equally important to be fluid with how things actually work out. Our minds are at ease when we feel organized and know what to look forward to. But when it goes awry, we feel overwhelmed. It’s ok boss, go with it. Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on what’s important to you that week. It’s ok to have some wiggle room.

8. Delegate. 

I seriously can’t say this enough. I found in the last year that one of the main reasons my business wasn’t converting as fast as I needed it to was because I was getting stuck doing all the technical things that I totally hated. I was out of the flow of awesomeness and needed to re-evaluate. I hired a virtual assistant and my life has become so much better! I can focus on what I am gifted at in my business and leave the rest for someone else that loves it and is amazing at it. It truly takes a village. On the home front, if you’re constantly stressed about how messy it is and the mountains of laundry. why haven’t you hired someone to do it for you? Think of it this way, if you had that extra hour every day, what income generating activities could you be doing in that time? Also, how clear would your head feel if the house was clean, organized and the laundry was exactly where it should be – clean and in your closet.  Get rid of things that suck your soul on your to-do list!


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As you can see, scheduling is very important! If you don’t book it in, likely it won’t get done. So get real with what needs to happen in your business AND in life and get on enjoying this process! Don’t feel guilty about booking in other things in your life too.

Now get on at least one thing that you’re not doing today and let’s create some flow, ease and happy balance in your life. Of course, there will always be times in our business when things require more attention. During a launch, a big goal being accomplished, I get it… just don’t ever let that carry on for longer than a short time frame. If it’s going longer than a week or two, I would re-evaluate. No one can run like that and feel happy. And happiness is where it’s at.

Keep knocking it outta’ the park Boss Lady!

To harmony and balance,

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