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I’m more than your average consultant — I help businesses transform into brands that deliver compelling experiences. I help you stand out online, make massive income and impact while helping you grow as an entrepreneur and all-around happier person. My proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of you and your brand’s personality to help grow emotional connections with your audience that keep them coming back for more and growing your business without you in the room.


Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Brand Strategy & Design

If you want to stand out online this is for you. From brand positioning to content creation we have you covered.

Consulting Sessions

Whether for an hour or a day, I'll sit down with you to build a complete strategy for your online business success.

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy individuals who need accountability and forward movement in their businesses.

Onsite Seminars and Training

Does your whole team need training? Let me come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you.

Copy Writing 

When you need to make a case for your business, we'll help you tell your story powerfully and persuasively.

Target Market / Competitive Analysis

Don't leave the innovation of your brand to chance. Understanding your customer is of highest importance. Let me tackle what you can't see from within the beehive!

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Developing the right mindset to achieve the success you want takes work. My coaching program for online entrepreneurs dives deep into what makes you millions and what makes you happy.

Content Creative Package

With our customized creative packages, you'll never miss the mark on your content creation again. Whether it's video, live content, photography or more, you'll always have a concise strategy with cohesiveness, a strong brand message and creativity at its core to help you stand out powerfully.



" Working with Michelle has taken my business to new levels in more ways than one. She thinks of things I couldn't begin to think of and keeps me supported every step of the way. Running a business isn't for the faint of heart, but having a pro in your corner makes all the difference"

Jennifer Ebilane, Happy Client 


First, we take stock.

We identify where you are now, where you want to go and how you'll get there. Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, and define key opportunities for you, your brand and business..  

Then, we learn and build.

Once we have a good understanding of your path ahead, we dive deep into your target market and create connections between what you have and what they need and want. We develop ideas and processes around your key concepts and move into how to stand out.

Lastly, we take the lead.

Standing out is always a multi-faceted approach online. There are no magic short-cuts or cookie cutter ways. When blending all the right facets that make sense for your business, you stand out in a way that allows your customer to see you as the best option for them time and time again. They become your brand ambassadors that sell your business when you're not in the room.


I’m Michelle Tegola.

I’m an expert brand strategist, elite consultant, and coach, a total nerd when it comes to the numbers, and my obsession is helping emerging online entrepreneurs to create massive success and happiness.

Fave quote " Happiness is the highest form of success."

I don't know who said it but they were right.

Over the past 7 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals from all over the world uncover, optimize and exponentially grow their personal brands and small businesses online…… just in case you were wondering, you are absolutely in the right place! 


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