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Hey beautiful

I see you

I see you hiding

I see your stuggle

Sometimes you feel lost

Sometimes you don't know who you are....

you hide your story..

you hide your mess..

your beauty

your truth

but theres fire within you...

I see you mama

you love so much

you're so powerful

there's so much greatness in you..

it's your time..

to shine

Are you ready to dive in?

Come see what it’s all about.

Work with me

One on One Coaching

You know you’re meant for more and are ready to take things to the next level! You see your greatness within and just need that individual help to help clarify your vision, build your uique brand and niche market. Maybe you have no idea just what you have inside, but you know that where you are now isn’t what you’re meant to do. I have such passion for helping individuals find that passion and purpose in their lives. Many of us are even lucky enough to know what it is, however carrying it out in todays world is a whole other ball of wax! We work on a uniquely tailored plan to fine tune your strengths and bring them out on a whole other level! But wait, there’s so much to jump into, but if we don’t uncover what’s been stopping you all these years then there’s no point. My approach to working with you will be finding what your blocks are in your energy, where your limiting beliefs are sabotaging you and how to get from point A ro point B in the most powerful, aligned way. We will find your inner strength, your inner power – and when we do, there’s no limit to your success! Abundance of all kinds are on the way to you, let’s lock arms and make it happen.

Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching programs are so fun! Perhaps you’re not quite ready for the levelling up that a one on one coaching program offers but would still love to do an amazing transformational self study program. There are a few different options coming soon that will cover business and branding, uncovering the real you and finding your inner power, upleveling your business in particular sectors as well as your personal self growth. These groups are a limited number of spaces and include live calls to answer questions and give further insight. You will also be a part of an amazing private FB community of like minded people that are going through the program as well.

Self Study Mini courses

These awesome mini courses are perfect if you would like to work on something specific to you. You can go at your own pace and will always have access to them forever.  Learn meditation and how to create your own, business branding basics, how to bust through your blocks, spiritual guidance and your angels, and so many more!

*May Cause Miracles.

Take a 6-week journey based on Gabrielle Bernstein’s New York Times best-selling book, May Cause Miracles.

What People Are Saying

“Michelle cares fiercely and believes vehemently in the greatness within every woman. I’m so grateful to be able to work along side her!”

Jennifer Ebilane

Bossbabe Entrepreneur & Author

“Michelle’s message of empowering women to embrace their story is truly life changing. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will. Get ready for a breakthrough!

Shannon Ciaramellano

Elite Network Marketing Coach, Author

“Working with Michelle has been a blast! I’ve learned so much from her as a leader and with her energy and infectious ambition, it helped me to truly step into my greatness.”

Devene Lambie

Online Entrepreneur


When limiting beliefs and fears are a good thing.

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8 Ways to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed.

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Friendships & Business

Is it time to ditch your friends? Who you hang around the most is tantamount to your success in your business! Find out why you need to have a power posse of the right kind around you and whether you need to start voting some of them off Friendship Island!  Check out...

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The Spiritual Coaching Revolution!

The Spiritual Coaching Revolution!   Coaching has become a mainstream word nowadays, find out why and how it may help you now. Find this blog post I did for Boss Babe Inc....

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